Providing Peace of Mind & Protecting Your Bottom Line 1 Bundle at a Time.


Get Back to the Job You Were Hired to Do.

Let Chesnet guide you through device procurement, setting up a firewall, and more.

Chesnet supports your users

Providing real-time support in minutes not days with our remote automated systems.

Save time on day-to-day IT

Let Chesnet do the heavy lifting when it comes to procuring devices, managing on/off-boarding, and responding to sysadmin tickets.

Gain visibility into your IT infrastructure

One platform for visibility of device inventory, IT support tickets, and on/off-boarding requests.



16 Years Of Providing Value.

Stating in 2004 as a local computer Repair shop & Growing to Ephrata's  MSP.

Managed Service Bundles.

Monitoring, Maintain, Reporting, Proactive Support, Improve, Remote Support

1 Fee for all your IT.  Custom plans available.

What we do_

We our Ephrata's MSP

Starting Jan 2021 we have a great way to provide the peace of mind we have been providing since 2004.  As Covid 19 comes a thing of the past we want to share the lessons we learned and continue to provide the best Managed Services to you or your business.  With our new Flagship MSP Model 1 Fee IT.

IT Planning

With the now included IT Health reports we will be able to help you plan your IT future.

IT Health Reports

IT Care MS now comes with monthly IT health reports


1 Fee for all IT

1 Fee per user per month and all your IT needs can be taken care of so you can take care of business not spending time on IT but working on your business.

Let Chesnet 1 FEE IT put you back in the driver's seat.

Providing Peace of Mind

Everyday to company's and people just like you.

Team Member's
Client Support Team Member's
Sales Manager's
Sales Manager's
Office Manager's
Office Manager's
Wondering when 'IT' got added to your job description?
It’s hard to execute your primary responsibilities if you’re the go-to person to deal with IT issues. At CHESNET, we make IT our problem not yours! CHESNET manages your entire IT environment, from day-to-day issues to cyber security, so you can focus on doing your job.
Is outsourced IT the source of all your headaches?
From unpredictable timelines to hidden costs, dealing with the lack of transparency from traditional managed service providers is frustrating at best. That's why Chesnet's IT model, "1 Fee IT"  flat-fee IT pricing , is centered around clarity and communication so teams can stay effective, efficient, and productive.
Don't have the bandwidth to test your bandwidth?
Are you getting the support you need to do your job effectively and manage all of your team's IT needs like network management and employee on & off-boarding ? Chesnet fills the gaps in your IT infrastructure, allowing you to shift your focus to strategic IT initiatives like contingency planning, employee education, and actually getting the bandwidth you're paying for.

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